I’ve written a lot of plays.  Professionally, they tend to fall somewhere in between.  With the exception of the pieces made in collaboration with David Levine, my plays employ a traditional structure favored by one audience while referencing a caustic subject matter and tone favored by another, often mutually exclusive, audience.  This is merely an opinion, of course.

Geneva, 2013 (a collaboration with David Levine)
Tomorrow Come Today, 2013
Tea Party, 2012
Velázquez, 2010
Venice Saved,
2009 (a collaboration with David Levine)
Bright Captives, 2008
Tell Me I’m the Only One, 2005
Babylon Is Everywhere (A Court Masque), 2003 (a collaboration with David Levine and Michael Byrnes)
Exquisite Realms, 2003
Messalina, 2002
Coarse Majeure, 2001
Delirium Palace, 2000
Sick Again, 1999
Vortex du Plaisir, 1998
Penetrate the King, 1997
The Secret Machine, 1995
Island of Dogs, 1992
Mission Byzantium!, 1991
Severity’s Mistress, 1989
Reticence, 1988

For any inquiry about rights or playscripts, please contact AO International.

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