Reading (Palm Springs)

Speedboat (1976) We were talking about No, No, Nanette. I said I thought there was such a thing an an Angry Bravo – that those audiences who stand, and cheer, and roar, and seem altogether besides themselves at what they would instantly agree is at best an unimportant thing, are not really cheering No, No, […]

Short Pieces on Ross Macdonald

Another small piece is online now at, an appreciation of the American mystery author Ross Macdonald. To my mind he’s the man who carries the American hard-boiled mystery into a recognizable present from its origins with Hammett and Chandler. I really can’t recommend Macdonald’s books enough – tough and tender, intricately wrought, and mindful […]

The Glass Books Trilogy in Serial Digital Release

Viking/Penguin UK is releasing The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters in digital form, but in serial format, so readers can download the book one chapter at a time.  The first two chapters – Temple and Cardinal – are offered as free downloads for a limited time.  The individual chapter designs have been carried over […]