The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters

gbde_thumbThe first in a series of three novels – the story continues in The Dark Volume and concludes in The Chemickal Marriage.

Miss Celeste Temple, a young plantation heiress, come to the continent from the West Indies in search of a husband, who upon being jilted by her diplomat fiancée decides to follow him and find out why, a journey that quite swiftly takes her into a sensuous and perilous world of conspiracy and mind-control; Cardinal Chang, a mercenary villain hired to kill a man he then finds dead by some other’s hand – yet when the blame for the murder falls on Chang he is forced to find out the truth; and Captain-Surgeon Abelard Svenson, a military physician escorting a dissolute crown prince whose duty – concealing the prince’s debauchery from public view – changes utterly when his charge disappears into the same insidious network of mind-control and twisted science.

With each new incident – murders, seductions, airships, automaton lords and ladies, secret societies with insidious rituals, and above all else a mysterious blue glass with the shocking power to capture and preserve actual memories – the three drive deeper toward temptation, corruption, and fear, with only their frail, unlikely alliance to preserve them.

The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters has been published in over 25 countries and translated into over 17 languages.  Film rights have been optioned by Infinitum-Nihil.


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