Short Pieces on Lord of Light

Through the summer I’m going to have some small pieces at the excellent, mainly on a few favorite books and writers.  The first, about Roger Zelazny’s Lord of Light, is online now.  Zelazny was someone I discovered as a teenager, having picked up a copy of Nine Princes in Amber at a thrift store in Tacoma – because buying cool-sounding books I knew nothing about at thrift stores was my main activity as a teenager.  That night my family had tickets to see the King Tut exhibition in Seattle, and I was so hooked by the book that I read it all the way up in the car, all the time standing in line to get into the museum, at every significant pause in the exhibit itself, and then all the way back, sentence by sentence, between flickering freeway lamp posts. Zelazny’s just immensely ingenious and readable, and Lord of Light is probably his strongest single book.

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