Where is The Chemickal Marriage?

The Chemickal Marriage is the third and last book in a trilogy, following The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters and The Dark Volume.  It was published by Viking/Penguin in summer of 2012 (and looks to come out in Germany next year), but for a while at least had no publisher in the US.  This was for many galling reasons, if understandable (but often the more understandable a thing is, the more galling).  At last, the book is available here in digital format via a new company, Zola Books.

A very cool company.  Zola offers a thoughtful new take on the world of online publication, integrating it with the world of brick-and-mortar stores, with curated selling, with author participation and interaction.  What they’re trying to do is very cool, in my opinion, and I urge you to check it out – for The Chemickal Marriage, of course, but browse the site in general, as there’s a lot original content from a great list of authors.

For now, Zola’s only selling digital copies of the book.  For a (lovely, lovely) hard copy of The Chemickal Marriage, I direct you to Amazon UK, or any number of services – especially a well-disposed traveller who might be swinging through the WHSmith at Heathrow.  The paperback version’s just come out and the drop in price will practically pay for the trip over.  Almost practically.

The Chemickal Marriage at Zola
The Chemickal Marriage at Viking/Penguin
The Chemickal Marriage at Amazon UK

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