Welcome to lacquersforza.net (or lacquersforza.wordpress.com, if you prefer).  This is a website where you can get information about my books or my plays – news, an event, or anything else that comes up.

I am a writer who re-uses names that please me, names that over time serve as approximations of character or behaviour, a bit like figures in a commedia play.  In my own plays, there are dozens of people carrying the name of Thackaray, Pierson, Pfaff, Overmars, Fochtmann, and, yes, Lacquer-Sforza.   A play on the powerful Visconti-Sforzas, for whom the luxurious tarot deck is the well-known least of it, the marriage of carapace and force seemed like a lovely emblem.

One Lacquer-Sforza figures prominently in The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters and its sequels, but there many others besides her, different facets of the same problematic gem.  It’s true that usually these Lacquer-Sforzas are simply awful, but equally often they’re the most interesting people in the room.


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